Welcome and thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Lisa Gubernick. I live in New Jersey with my husband, two children ages 16 and 13 and my dog Benji. I am a banker by trade and have been managing teams for 26 years. When I am not working or taking care of my family, I love reading, writing and photography, so blogging seemed the obvious choice for my creative outlet. I am also what’s known as a highly sensitive person, which you can find woven throughout the writing. This blog has evolved since I began in 2017. I began wanting to be an activist, building a platform through the blog. It evolved into reflections during my time in therapy, uncovering my anxieties and learning to tame them. Most recently, I have been focused on honing my voice, which has brought a great deal of laughter into the posts. So when you read, you’ll find a mixture of all 3. They are categorized at the top of the home page, so you can delve in to what you choose. I am happy to have you along in my journey!

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