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I am a Nerd!

Ok maybe this is no shock to those who have known me for a while but it’s been a bit of a blind spot for me. Or maybe at the tender age of 46 I’m done striving to be someone I’m just not and am embracing the real me. Either way, I am somewhat elatedContinue reading “I am a Nerd!”

Ditching the Crutches!

I am so thrilled because for the first time in two and a half weeks I can walk (sort of) without crutches! If you didn’t read my latest, I recently tore my calf muscle. For the full and entertaining story, click here: Finding Humor in Injury. This week, I sported better compression socks and haveContinue reading “Ditching the Crutches!”

Finding Humor in Injury

As I sit here waiting for someone to take pity on me and make me my bagel, I’m reflecting on the humorous aspects of my most recent injury. Let me catch everyone up. About a week and a half ago I was merrily thinking about everything else while carrying my dog into the groomer’s. OurContinue reading “Finding Humor in Injury”

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