I am a Nerd!

Ok maybe this is no shock to those who have known me for a while but it’s been a bit of a blind spot for me. Or maybe at the tender age of 46 I’m done striving to be someone I’m just not and am embracing the real me. Either way, I am somewhat elated to realize that being a nerd truly makes me happy and has energized me way beyond what I thought possible. As I recently rewatched the Stranger Things Episode with Suzie and Dustin’s Never Ending Story performance, I am realizing that I’m in good company.

To step back to my New Year’s “Proverbial Get Your Shit Together” post, Happy New Year!, I have always said, one day I’m going to be my best self, which looked something like this in my head:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

That woman is fabulous, with incredible hair and a gorgeous look. Her face is perfectly contoured, her lips lined to the nines and on her head nary a hair out of place. I bet she can wear white with the best of them, without splashing oil on it while she cooks her dog hamburger for dinner (guilty).

Guess what y’all, that’s not me. I can’t have white clothes and my hair is always somewhat frizzy, no matter how much I blow it out. I’m done sacrificing comfort for platform heels, largely because of an incident where I fell in the middle of a Michelin 3 star restaurant. I had done my face up for a webex call below, which gets me looking half way decent, but my damn hair is still a mess because I haven’t been to my stylist in months (sorry Lisa!) and even though I blew it out it’s still looking somewhat scary… I just didn’t get that gene where you prioritize your looks and all the maintenance that goes along with it.

BUT I got the nerdy gene and it’s AWESOME!!

Aside from reading some great time management books over my last vacation, which have already helped me manage my workflow significantly better, I have delved head-first into my latest obsession with science. During covid, my daughter got me watching Grey’s Anatomy, which led me to https://youtube.com/c/crashcourse, where you can basically get an entire education for free. Plus, Hank & John are ridiculously entertaining, flying the nerd flag high and achieving wild success along the way. Check them out below. By the way, while most women are lovin’ on the Brad Pitts of the world, I have a relatively large crush on Hank. He’s the one spraying champagne in his face below.


My new interests led me to spend a small fortune on science books because this entire field had passed me by. And of course, whenever I get interested in something I must go out and spend $500 immediately. In high school I was completely anti-science; I just didn’t connect with the material and I couldn’t see the big picture. But now I’m bouncing back and forth between YouTube Videos and books, all excited, learning about the world around me. My latest puchases below:

I am excited about knowing how polarized molecules help me clean my dishes better. I now know how and why my proteins coagulate in cooking. Let’s talk about the magnitude of sequencing the human genome!!! Who knew which system the spleen was part of? Thermodynamics, where have you been all my life? I never thought that these sentences would come out of my mouth, but here I am, embracing them and loving every minute of it. They make me happy.

Happy isn’t something you eventually achieve when all your big plans fall into place one magical day. Happiness is every small minute you claim for yourself to feed your soul.

Published by Lisa Rocha Gubernick

My name is Lisa Gubernick. I have been working in the business world for the past twenty four years and I truly enjoy the career that I have built. I am also a wife and mother of two. Outside of those responsibilities, I take every opportunity I can to learn and to create. Those activities truly fuel my soul and ensure my well being. If you are anything like me, you often reflect on the human experience and what it means to make a positive contribution everyday. My goal is to leave this world in a better place than I found it through my writing.

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