My Why

I have been saddled with ANXIETY my entire life. But over the last few years I have decided to conquer the fears in my mind through my work in THERAPY. I can therefore protect my MENTAL HEALTH and conquer generations of MENTAL ILLNESS that came before me. Within that context, I have learned how important it is to BE KIND TO YOURSELF, make true CONNECTIONs with others, have the COURAGE to BE YOU while fighting CULTURAL NORMS and constantly strengthening your own SELF ESTEEM. I believe that we can FIND PEACE and discover our true IDENTITY through LISTENing, encouraging HOPE, finding HUMOR in everyday life and practicing EMPATHY. In becoming stronger people, we can do extraordinary things. We can MAKE A DIFFERENCE, even CHANGE THE WORLD, through informed WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS and DIVERSITY of thought and experience.

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